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Main address: 97062 Tualatin OR
(503) 453-3955, ,
  • 8+4 mobile complaints
  • $635 claimed losses
  • $53 average
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I agree I've been using this service for years and was a long time member since iPhone 3 and never had any problems with them. I wish they come back Add comment

I was completely satisfied with the service from this site. It is unfortunate now the site has been removed! I am in awe that my lifetime membership as well as the unlock membership has been completely removed as well!! I had used their service for many years. I had help online from the technicians and was very happy with their service. what the *** happened? I have no idea! I just tried... Read more

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I purchase iCloud unlock . They never did the unlock just gave me a runaround then closed my tickit number . They are a scam Add comment

  • Aug 10
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  • Money Refund
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  • 7

this website is a completely scam, do not even think to use it. I have submit 4 different orders for total of $150 and they never got back to me nor provide what I have requested. I email them more than 7 times and they ask me for prove of payments. I send it to them twice and they never got back to me. I talked to them through their chat and told me that they will check with their supervisor and... Read more

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  • Feb 22
  • Software
  • Payment Processing
  • 12

paid twice for this service with paypal ,the payment goes through ,but they don't honour what they sell ,emails go unanswered ,no more person to person chat,i think it has been a ripoff for about 5 months ,when you claim back through paypal it is stated it a virtual delivery and can not be refunded ,I used to have great faith in this company ,,just be very wary of them now ,I keep emailing them... Read more

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I purchased $24.95 membership to jailbreak my iphone... The website says is 100 %money back It didnt happen i cant have my iphone jailbreak i spent hours and hours on my computer to make it work but its a *** ripped off website.. So dont get ripped by some kind of site like this.. Not legit dont use paypal as payment cause paypal cant help either. Ripped off Ripped off Fake Fake Fake Mother... Read more

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I paid $60 for Ineedjailbreak for a gold membership. What a joke! My iphone is dead and the customer service all of a sudden wont answer or return any of my calls. I am pissed!!!!!!!!!!! There is NO 24/7 live chat, there is NO customer service and there is NO tech. The 100% money back guarantee is a lie. THIS IS A SCAM AND NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE. I have been trying to contact these people for 2... Read more

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  • Mar 04, 2012
  • Media
  • New York, New York
  • Service
  • 20

but of course ,they say now, our service was there and we helped them, GUARANTY TO WORK OR YOUR MONEY BACK what happened here, where is my money back? do you think that as a customer I would be writing about a bad customer service, please give me a break I did not even use their service,when I email them for help they did not answer, how hard is to refund money. when you do not care about your... Read more

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